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  • I am a graduate of the University of Toronto's computer science program, specializing in artificial intelligence, and am living in San Francisco.

    When I'm not coding, I make music, rock climb, mountain bike and read.

    Here is my email, and here I am on LinkedIn. This is my resume.

  • About Me

    • Music writer, producer, and performer
    • Improv comedian
    • World traveller
    • Photographer
    • Mountain biker, rock climber, big mountain skier, camper & kayaker
    • Hardware hacker
    • Beer maker
    • Addicted to learning

    • Five years experience of student leadership at the University of Toronto, including Social Director, Vice President of Public Relations, Peer Mentor, Varsity Athlete (mountain biking), founder of the Rock Climbing Club, Head Orientation Leader and Section Editor of the college newspaper, The Howl.

    • Honest, hardworking, goal oriented, adaptable, driven and committed, and able to cope in a fast-paced environment. Excellent time management skills. Effective in a team and autonomously.

  • Skills

    Web Development
  • Education

    I have an H.BSc in Computer Science, from The University of Toronto, specializing in Artificial Intelligence with a minor in Mathematics. I also have a background in statistics, earth sciences and physics. Some of the interesting projects I worked on are;

    • Automatic handwriting recognition, facial recognition, and navigational pathfinding.
    • Determining semantic and causal relations between words by processing raw text from a corpus.
    • Dynamic websites, written in JSP, running on Tomcat, talking to JDBC databases
    • Speech recognition model which could determine who was speaking and what was said.
    • Instant messaging clients, both via HTTP/AJAX and multithreaded C.
    • Added fork, execv, and cache functionality to a localized MIPS operating system.
  • Employment History

    Some things I've built at places I've been:

    LyftNovember 2013 - February 2014
    • The infrastructure for failed payment processing/debt collection
    • Daily Facebook authentication/validation
    • I Know Where You Lyft - turning ride data into home/work street addresses

    ZyngaAugust 2012 - October 2013
    • Profanity filter in 20 different human languages
    • Internationalizing Poker, localizing into Arabic
    • Internal translation management system, complete with a string warehouse, automatic translation when possible & web portal to edit translations

    IDT CanadaMay 2010 - July 2011
    • Top level virtual model of a video processing chip
    • Test suite to gauge performance vs previous revisions & competitors
    • Blu-Ray performance benchmark, inlcuding synthentic & live action content, plus all aspects of the film shoot

  • Games

    Created for the game design course (CSC404) at the University of Toronto, it was a joint project between myself and one other student from U of T, and two students from OCADU. The game is a mix between a 90's point-and-click adventure, combined with the puzzle mechanics of Alchemy or Doodle God, where the player mixes items to progress the game. It takes the story telling metaphore to the extreme, as the game literally takes place inside a pop-up book.

    The game was created in Unity, and is playable on the web, in your browser, with an XBOX 360 controller at
  • Syzygia

    Released in 2007. Includes two cover tracks.
    Dwight Towers at the Helm 01.      07:55
    Taken (Eluvium cover)
    02.      08:07
    The Ones You Keep
    03.      08:30
    Things We Leave Behind
    04.      07:23
    Things I Can't Ever Tell You
    05.      08:19
    A Mask of Leaves
    06.      08:04
    Together we Will Live Forever (cover)
    07.      03:39
  • Em Had

    The second album, released in the fall of 2009. Switched pseudonyms, instruments.

    Sunday Afternoon Expedition
    Six and a Half Years
    Over Afrika
    Oh Ancient Oceans!
    Twlight, Arctic Horizen
    The White Mountains of the Sky
    Slow Combustion
    Leonids, Full Sail
    February 10, 1763
    Here at the End
    01.      15:19
    02.      09:03
    03.      02:04
    04.      05:09
    05.      02:58
    07.      05:14
    08.      09:47
    09.      10:43
    10.      03:16
    11.      05:17
    12.      07:04
  • Brick Em

    A project with a good friend of mine, DJ Brix. We're calling it the Summer Weekend Teen Daze. We're remixing pop songs in our usual style. More tracks will be added as we complete them.

    Katy Perry - Last Friday Night (TGIF) - Em Had Remix
    Katy Perry - Teenage Dream - Em Had Remix
    Selena Gomez - Love You Like a Love Song - Em Had Remix
    Carly Rae Jepson - Call Me Maybe - Em Had Remix
    Justin Bieber - Baby - Em Had Remix
    Walk Apart From Me (Tycho meets Katy Perry) - Em Had
    01.      03:29
    02.      02:11
    03.      01:45
    04.      03:23
    05.      04:10
    06.      03:33
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